BJP applied foolish noteban and faulty GST : P. Chidambaram

chidambaram called gst faulty and noteban foolish step

Former Finance minister of India and present senior political leader in Congress has given another statement of BJP policies. P. Chidambaram coined demonetization as a foolish step from BJP government. He condemned pm narendra modi for releasing a faulty GST structure. He also accused center government for pushing India in a time where we are experiencing jobless growth. This is not the first time when Chidambaram spoke against Noteban.

Modi derailed Indian Economy : Former finance minister of India

Chidambaram in a press release on Monday attacked on PM Narendra Modi with his words. He said that the economical steps taken by modi government have derailed Indian Economy. “If someone would have pressurized me to apply noteban, I would have resigned from my post.” He aided in his words. Chidambaram said that bringing down high value notes on 8th November 2016 was a foolish decision. He also claimed that the GST structure is too faulty to apply at this moment.

GST needs many improvements

Chidambaram also raised the issue of GST. Since the application of GST is released, Congress leaders are blaming Prime Minister Narendra Modi for applying Goods and Service Tax in wrong manner. Former Finance Minister added few words in same segment. He said that the GST in current structural pattern is quite a stupid move. This has only erased many private sector jobs. He was speaking in a Congress meeting on Monday. Chidambaram accused Narendra Modi for not listening to his advice and applying GST in a hurry. “We asked them not to apply it in a hurry and wait for some time.”.

Chidambaram announced that Congress will celebrate 8th November as “Black Day”. The protest will be done against the step of demonetization. On the other side, BJP has already announced of celebrating same day as “Anti Black Money Day”. The records itself says that BJP failed to take out black money through demonetization.

“This government is not honest enough to admit its faults”

Chidambaram accused BJP Modi governance of helping corrupt people in turning their money in white. He said that the step of demonetization was taken to help few people so that they can turn their black money into white. Noteban and GST are two major foolish steps taken by NAMO government but they does not have honesty to come clear and admit that this was their fault. Today the Finance Ministry announces changes in GST “Gabbar Singh Tax” everyday. This has confused a businessman.




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