Bengaluru Tops In the StartUp Investment, What About Others

Bengaluru remains the top favourite destination for the investors and founders looking to make it big

bangalore tops in startup's

Bengaluru has been favourite for most of the startups as called by many as the startup hub of India or the silicon valley of India. Recent Report By Tracxn also proves the talk, which mentions that Bengaluru raised more than 800 million Dollars in 261 rounds of investments for 2017.

This proves that Bengaluru remains the top favourite destination for the investors and founders looking to make it big. The second city which found itself on the list, although surprising for many in Mumbai, which has raised around 600 million dollars in 146 rounds of investments in 2017.

The Gurgaon comes at number three, which raised around 517 million dollars. To bust the myth around the city, Mumbai was more favourable to the investors than Delhi. While Pune is at number five with 127.9 million dollars raised as capital for the year 2017.

Raising a capital for your startup is one of the top concerns for the founders. The choice of the city and place where the company is located plays a key role in the company’s growth. In the last few years, we saw a dip in the investment in the startups but the situation is not worse as India continue to thrive on the global startup map.

It is spreading its wings in the area of education, health, agriculture and space. Indian companies have been doing their best to sustain the growth of the Indian startup scene, which looks promising given the major thrust by the government in the creation of many more startup hubs across the country. We hope to see many more startups, which will truly solve the real problems of the people in India.

While there is no dearth of the skill and talent and talent in India but what lacks is the ecosystem to maintain and create a startup culture, which can bring transformational change in the Indian business industry. Recently, PayTm also launched its investment arm with a capital of 10 million dollars. It seems to be the creation of bridge by the Startups to help other startups scale the growth in their business category.

The Future Of City Startups

How things help the company in a particular city is a matter of another discussion but it is amply clear that the city which provides a good mix of talent, environment and support to the startups will see their startup portfolio grow in the coming decade.

These reports may serve as a reminder to the other cities or states, which may want to create a favourable environment for the startup culture to grow. While pumping money is not the solution but it is definitely a part of the solution. The environment plays a crucial role in the development of the ecosystem which can help companies and ideas grow in a particular city of place, no matter where it is located.

The area which has received considerable attention is education and health care. While this is a good sign but agriculture should be part of the much larger framework in the Investor’s Portfolio.



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