13 Banks Provided Vital Information About Shell Companies Doing Undue Transaction After Demonetization To Government


The Central Government today said that 13 banks have given very important information on wrong transactions with various bank accounts after the cancellation. Ministry of Company Affairs informed that he has got information of bank transactions of 5,800 companies out of those 2 lakh 9 thousand 32 suspected companies whose registrations have been canceled. The banks have provided information to the government about 13,140 accounts of these companies.

The ministry said, “Some companies had opened more than 100 bank accounts in their name. Of these, 2,134 accounts were caught in the name of one company. At the same time, 900 companies were named after another company and 300 accounts were found in the name of another company. The government said that after separation of loan accounts, the accounts of these companies were only 22.05 crores on the day of the ban on the day of November 8, 2016, which were deposited at that time. A few crore rupees were later withdrawn. The government said that many accounts were held in the name of the companies, which had either very little amount on November 8, 2016 or the accounts were moved to Minus.

However, till the date of cancellation of those companies since November 9, 2016, the companies deposited Rs 4,573.87 crore in their bank accounts and removed 4,552 crore rupees. Talk about these companies’ loan accounts, their opening balance money is Rs 80.79 crore. As mentioned earlier, the companies continued to dodge the authorities after the ban, till their registrations were canceled.

The government has expressed surprise that some companies have also encouraged to deposit and withdraw money even after the ban. For example, there was no money in 429 companies of a bank until 8 November 2016. But after these accounts, deposits and withdrawals of more than Rs 11 crore were done and these transactions amounted to Rs 42,000 crore on the day of the freezing of these accounts. Many other accounts were found in more than 3,000 companies in another bank.

By November 8, transactions worth 13 crore rupees were made from these accounts, which increased to Rs 38,000 crore by the day of the ban. The special thing is that these figures are about 2.5% of those suspected companies whose registrations have been canceled by the government. These companies and their colleagues have played a big game of money, only a peak in the range of corruption, black money, and black rackets. The government said, “Investigation agencies have been asked to complete the necessary check-in a time-bound manner. Honest citizens of the country and the country can imagine a more clean future. ‘

It is noteworthy that after the ban on the companies, how did the Modi government screw up the fraudulent transactions? Under this, PM Modi had said that it was a matter of locking 1 lakh shell companies 48 hours before the GST was implemented. At the same time, they were declared disqualified by framing the directors of these companies.



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