Writing is therapy for Kalki Koechlin


Actress Kalki Koechlin attended BIOSCOPE (KATTA) along with Gulshan Devaiah and Goa’s chief minister Manohar Parrikar to support anti-drugs campaign with her independent film ‘CandyFlip’ on Saturday in Goa. During a freewheeling chat, Kalki stated that writing is like therapy for her.

Talking about her interest in writing, Kalki said, ‘From childhood, I have been writing. My mother wanted me to go to a course in journalism but I was keen on doing acting”

“I write when I am unemployed, when I have no other work then I start writing. I always found it as therapy. It’s a way of just telling things out which I can’t express in moments sometimes”

When asking her whether she has any plans to write a film script, Kalki said, “I don’t think I can plan it. I definitely see myself writing more. I don’t have time mostly and that’s the issue. I think if something really tempting project comes my way then I would definitely want to write but it requires a lot of time, focus and nothing else. When I am acting, I can’t write at the same time”

When asked her how she chooses a certain project before signing it, Kalki said, “I think the first script selects me because people have a certain idea about who I am and what kind of work I do so already there is filtering process that happens. The kind of films, I get offered are pretty unique. People often come to me and say this is a disturbing role and you will do it really well. Which I don’t know whether to take it as a compliment but I do look for my character and try not to repeat myself and try to make something different of each character. Of course.. they have to believable, relatable and something human about character even if it’s a negative character and uniqueness of scripts also matters”

When asked Kalki in which remake she want to act in, she said, “I want to play Charlie Chaplin, a female Charlie Chaplin of some kind. I think that would be great like sort of joker character. I would love to do that and silent role, I would love do that”

Kalki hails from theatre background so when asked her whether it was a smooth transition from theatre to films, she said, “No.. Nothing is a smooth transition in life from the moment you born. Life is pretty tough. I think it’s great to be able to shift between the two.  I love doing theatre and I love doing films but obviously, I don’t do things in theatre what I do in films. They are two very different mediums. Film pays you money whereas, theatre is still struggling so I feel you need to balance that”

When asked Kalki what prompted her to work in ‘CandyFlip’, she said, “My friends.. honestly, the film is unique and it’s an independent film. We made it with a lot of blood and sweat and I loved the character that I play of English tourist which I never did before but more than anything, everybody I know is in the film and they all are very good friends of mine so I wanted to support them and be part of this film.”

Talking about her future project, Kalki said, “I am doing web series with Zoya Akhtar named ‘Made In Heaven’. It’s all about rich Delhi weddings going wrong and I play rich Delhi woman going wrong in the series”

‘CandyFlip’ stars Kalki Koechlin,  Gulshan Devaiah and Prakash Raj in lead roles. It is being directed by Shanawaz Nellikunnil.



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