I am still middle class by heart says Vidya Balan


Actress Vidya Balan is gearing up for the release of her upcoming film ‘Tumhari Sulu’ and she is leaving no stone unturned to promote her film. while interacting with media at a promotional event of the film, Vidya said she is still middle class by heart

Talking about her character and the film, Vidya said, “The way Suresh Triveni (director) has written the film, I feel anybody can relate to it. I am glad that I am playing a normal middle-class woman in this film because I am still middle class by heart. I have been raised in the middle-class family. I am proud of it and I have no regrets of that. This film’s story is also of a middle-class family and India primarily consist of middle class family. My character in the film doesn’t judge anyone and not herself as well.”

” She has just one thing that if I am getting opportunity to work then I will work because she hasn’t worked in a life so it’s very connecting story in that aspect because everyone has their dreams and aspirations and when you will watch the film like  this where a female who has no past experience of becoming an RJ (Radio Jockey) despite that she achieves her goal then people also think that if she can do it and then why not us”

When asked her if she ready to give competition to RJ’s since she has played the character of RJ in this film, Vidya said, “I can only do acting of RJ because they have this amazing ability to think on the spot about what they want to speak. They literally think on their feet. They have an answer to every question and if they don’t have then also they pretend that they know everything and make you confuse with their talk. They have to have energy even when they are tired or sick so it’s very tough job and I don’t think they have any competition from me”

Talking about her film journey and getting a part in ‘Tumari Sulu’, Vidya said, “I am very grateful that I have got opportunity to play different characters with my each film and I feel that’s the true definition of being an actor. I don’t want to repeat myself as an actor and till the time we have directors and writers like Suresh Triveni, I think I am set because till now no one has imagined me in a character like this. All filmmakers have offered me intense and serious characters but he just thought about me  completely differently.”

“It’s great fun when you get opportunity to play new character in each film and I feel fortunate that whatever I have desired in terms of my films that has happened with me”

Talking about excitement and response to teaser and trailer her film has received, Vidya said, “We are waiting for the Friday. When people actually see the film then we will get the real reactions about the film. The first step of the film has been received very well which is a teaser , trailer and even the songs. ‘Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani’ has become a rage which is great that’s what keeps us going through promotion. when you get such positive response to your film then we also want to push our film bit further”

Tumhari Sulu is an Indian comedy-drama film in which Balan (Sulochana a.k.a. Sulu) essays the role of a night radio jockey in Mumbai. The film stars Manav Kaul as Vidya Balan’s husband, Neha Dhupia as Vidya’s Boss, and renowned RJ, Malishka, as Albeli Anjali.

‘Tumhari  Sulu’ is directed by Suresh Triveni and produced by T-Series and Ellipsis Entertainment.

It is scheduled to release on 17 November.



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