Reeva Arora and Sajal Ali Breaks Down after Mom’s Death

Reeva Arora and Sajal Ali Breaks Down after Mom's Death

Reeva Arora and Sajal Ali Breaks Down after Mom’s Death:

Accepting the truth of Sridevi’s death is very difficult for her family. This moment is very frightening for Jahvanvi and Khushi. But in addition to these two, the two daughters of Sridevi, who were in their last release ‘Mom’, are also very unhappy with Sridevi’s death. In the role of elder daughter, Sajal Ali, who is from Pakistan, and younger daughter Riva Arora. Both are shocked by the death of Sridevi.

Sajal said – My mother has already passed, in Sridevi, I used to see my mother. But now after his death, it looks like I lost my mother again.

At the same time, Reeva Arora says that when I got up in the morning, my grandmother said that it Sridevi has died. I was not sure then I saw TV and it really happened. I cried so much. She was very good, she used to take care of me very much. We have many memories associated with her. She also took care of my food.

Sridevi was very attached to her onscreen daughters. India and Pakistan relations were not good at the time of the release and promotion of Mom. So Sajal could not come to India, at that time Sridevi made a video and sent it to Sajal, in which she was getting quite emotional.




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