I am playing very ruthless and relentless character in Kadvi Hawa says Ranvir Shorey


Actor Ranvir Shorey is now gearing up for his upcoming film ‘Kadvi Hawa’ which is based on climate change. He interacted with media for the promotion his film on Thursday in Mumbai. During media interaction,  Ranvir stated he is playing very ruthless and ruthless character in ‘Kadvi Hawa’.

Talking about his character in ‘Kadvi Hawa’,  Ranvir said, “I am playing bank loan recovery agent in the film who goes to recover money from farmers who has borrowed loan for farming. He is very ruthless and relentless kind of recovery agent because wherever he goes for a loan recovery  as an agent, farmers of that region starts committing suicide so the conflict and relationship between my and Sanjay Mishra’s character is basic premise of the film”

Talking about working experience in ‘Kadvi Hawa’, Ranvir said, “It was a difficult film to make but script, co-actor, director and the entire team of the film was really good so I had lot fun while making this film. We shot this film at the temperature of 48-50 degree Celsius in Dhaulpur at peak of summer but like I said, if your character, story, director, and co-actors are good then other these don’t harm you much as an actor”

Talking about his character in the film , Ranvir said, “I don’t have any kind of background from Odisha but in this film, I tried to bring uniqueness to my character by speaking the Oriya language while playing this character. I also had to work on body language and mindset of a loan recovery agent while shooting for this film”

Talking about Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Padmavati’ release controversy, Shorey said, “if a certain community threatens to call Bharat Band just because a release of a film, then it’s unfortunate. These communities are threatening, beating people and damaging public property which is not a right thing at all. If all communities will start doing this then it will be serious national threat to unity and sovereignty of our country so I appeal to central government of India to look into this matter and arrest such fringe elements of society”

‘Kadvi Hawa’ addresses climate change through the prism of its lead characters played by Sanjay Mishra and Ranvir Shorey. Mishra plays a blind man who lives in a desert of India. On the other hand, Shorey originally hails from Odisha.

It is directed by Nila Madhab Panda and produced by Drishyam Films.

‘Kadwi Hawa’ is scheduled to release on 24 November 2017.



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