Music composer Tochi Raina launches music of Note Pe Chot @ 8/11

Music composer Tochi Raina launches music of Note Pe Chot @ 8/11

Music composer Tochi Raina along with actors Ranbir Kallsi, Ajay Kkuunadal, Disha Sachdeva, Inderpal Singh, Manoj Bakshi and Seema Vashisth launched the music of their upcoming film ‘Note Pe Chot @8/11’ on Wednesday in Mumbai.

Talking about the music of ‘Note Pe Chot @ 8/11’’, Raina said, “We have composed two songs in “Note Pe [email protected] 8/11’ with the name of Neeru – Tochi Raina named ‘Tinka Tinka’ and ‘Mere Dil Ki’. For music composer, it is essential to have well-written poetry so as a composer we have tried to accommodate that poetry into music. Both songs have different colors. We have tried to give a different kind of treatment to both songs in terms of its arrangement”

Music composer Tochi Raina launches music of Note Pe Chot @ 8/11When asked writer Pankaj Tiwari whether it was challenging to write for this film, he said, “It was quite tough to write on the story of Demonetization because we didn’t want to involve our self in political controversies and at the same time we didn’t want it to look like a documentary. Through this film, we have tried to blend entertainment with effects of demonetization.”

“People faced severe problems after implementation of demonetization but they welcomed decision of government as they are hopeful that in coming future, we will see positive effects of it and we expected good initial response to the film because all classes have been affected with it so that is the major connecting point between the film and our audience”

Talking about the film ‘Note Pe Chot @8/11’, Ranbir Kallsi said, “Our film is based on Demonetization which occurred in our country 1.5 years ago but we have tried to show this film in a light-hearted comical and satirical way. We have shown many things in the film which actually happened with people especially the social message which we showed in the climax of the film so I am hopeful that people will connect with the film.

Music composer Tochi Raina launches music of Note Pe Chot @ 8/11Praising director Imran Ahmed Khan, Ranbir Kallsi said, “I have done few films earlier but Imran (Ahmed Khan) sir is very sharp minded. He always used to make actors comfortable on the sets. I have seen director who panics while making of the film but throughout the movie, he was very chilled out as he had belief in his craft and he was very clear with what he wanted from his actors and technicians from the beginning”

It is been written by Pankaj Tiwari, and bankrolled by Bala Sharma, Joyti Sharma, and Mudit Jain, under the banner of Creative Krishna Entertainment and Umar Ji Entertainment.

The movie revolves around the how a common man loses his security of money, due to unprecedented move in a booming economy, known as Demonetization by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The voice of Prime Minister should be soothing and reassuring but hearing “Mitro” has turned into terror for the common man.

Distributed by Adamant Pictures and music composed by Neeru and Tochi Raina, the movie releases on 9th March 2018.



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