Madhuri Dixit feels music is music whether its new or old


Actress Madhuri Dixit attended 2nd edition of Radio4child Awards 2017 jointly organized by AIR Radio and UNICEF on Friday in Mumbai. While interacting with media, Madhuri stated that she likes all kind of music whether it’s new or old.

Since she attended a radio event, Madhuri was asked about her opinion on the music of today’s generation,  she said, “I basically like music. I like to listen to old songs and new songs as well. New generation has their own style and way in music so I feel that music is music whether it’s new or old”

Some time ago there was confirmation that Quantico star Priyanka Chopra is executive producing an American comedy series on Madhuri Dixit’s life when asked about the status of that series, Madhuri said, “There is still a lot to be done on that. I will talk about it when actually we are doing something”

Talking about Radio4child award event, Madhuri said, “I like to congratulate all RJs and producers of FM and all private radio stations because they have helped us to take out the message of immunization to people in very innovative and creative way. I also want to congratulate all winners and nominees as they all are winners in a way. It’s been wonderful meeting this person who is doing so much for others. I would also congratulate people like Anganwadi workers and Asha workers who don’t appear on forefront because they are doing really amazing job”

“I urge all families to vaccinate their child as it is life-saving and its good for children”

When asked Madhuri how she analyzes the success of this campaign, she said, “We have to spread awareness on a continuous basis. It’s not like if we start seeing some results then we have to stop only to that. I feel we have to keep working at it. There are so many places where it’s not  possible to reach so we have to put the message to grass root levels and we will try to help as many people as we can”

Madhuri Dixit was last seen in ‘Gulab Gang’ which released in 2014.



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