LIVE: Traces of Alcohol Found in Sridevi’s Body, Accidentally Drowns in Bathtub

Sridevi Death

Bollywood’s ‘Chandni’ Sridevi has always been calm forever. Sridevi’s forensic report has arrived in Dubai. A forensic report has been submitted to the Embassy Officer after which his death certificate has been issued. Forensic doctors in Dubai have found in an investigation that Sridevi’s death was caused by heart attack.

According to the Khaleej Times, after completing some formalities, the body of Sree Devi will be released from Dubai to Mumbai. Today till late evening or till night, the body of Sree Devi is expected to reach Mumbai.  Preparations for bringing his body to Mumbai are being done for a long time. This information has been given in media reports.

Since the news of Sridevi’s death, a huge crowd of fans are getting collected out of their house. It is noteworthy that on Saturday night, around 11 pm, after cardiac arrest, he was admitted to Rashid Hospital from nearby, where doctors declared him dead.

To join the marriage of relative Mohite Marwah, Sridevi had reached Dubai with her husband Bonnie Kapoor and younger daughter, Khushi Kapoor. Boney Kapoor had reached Dubai for her surprise. That night, both were going out to dinner. During this time, Sridevi died due to being a cardiac arrest.




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