Last 15 Minutes of Sridevi in Dubai’s Hotel

Last 15 Minutes of Sridevi in Dubai's Hotel

No one is sure that Sridevi is no longer among them. So all want to know what happened in the last time that their beats stopped. Dubai’s newspapers have printed a report from family and police about all information, that report shows that the moonlight was quenched forever in just 15 minutes.

There was a question in everyone’s mind. What had happened to Sridevi all of a sudden.

The story of Sridevi’s last time in Dubai’s Khaleej Times is now revealed. According to the newspaper, Boney Kapoor had reached Dubai from Mumbai to give surprise to Sridevi on Saturday. At 5.30 pm, Bobby Kapoor meets Sridevi at the hotel. For dinner at night, it takes about 15 minutes for both of them.

To go to dinner with Bonnie, Sridevi goes to get ready. But Sridevi did not come out of bathrooms for 15 minutes. On suspicion, Boney Kapoor knocked on the bathroom door. Bonnie pushed the gate after pushing off the sound from inside. Sridevi fell into the bathroom with a water bath tub. It is being told that Boney Kapoor was scared to see Sridevi fall in the bathroom. He tried very hard to bring Sridevi to the senses but when he was not conscious, Boney Kapoor called a friend.

At about 9 in the morning, Bonnie Kapoor called the police. After that Sridevi was taken to the hospital for treatment but after reaching the hospital, doctors declared Sridevi dead. The report has been published on the basis of statements of family and police, in which it has been said that in only 15 minutes, Sridevi got a heart attack and he fell into the bathtub and could not recover again.

Meanwhile, the news is that after a while, the body will be handed over to the family in Dubai and in the afternoon the family will be reach Mumbai.



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