Imran Ahmed Khan directorial ‘Note Pe Chot At 8/11’ is a True Story of Demonetization


Filmmaker Imran Ahmed Khan is all set to explore the uncharted territory of the real-life based political-satirical comic genre with his forthcoming movie “Note Pe Chot At 8/11”, releasing on 9th March 2018.

We all remember the day of “Demonetization” when our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, took a decision which was so sudden that it turned the entire nation into a state of turmoil. The long queues outside Bank and ATM’s, the day to day life coming to stand-still due to lack of money and more.

Imran Ahmed Khan, who believes ‘Demonetization’, still requires comprehensive debates and discussions and he plans to move that gateway for everyone. He said, “There is a lot of shouting and screaming about the move but no one is addressing what exactly happened and how it changed everyone’s life. A middle-class man saving money for car, college education or dowry, went through hell because of this move and all people are doing on Television or News, is blaming one another”.

Speaking about his film Imran said, “My movie talks about the change this move made and it’s effects on common man’s life . The film highlights the real motive behind this political move, and how it affected the lives of people. It’s a family entertainer and a social satire which will compel audience to think before splurging your money on petty things”

It is been written by Pankaj Tiwari, and bankrolled by Bala Sharma, Joyti Sharma and Mudit Jain, under the banner of Kreative Krishna Entertainment and Umar Ji Entertainment.

The movie revolves around the how a common man loses his security of money, due to unprecedented move in a booming economy, known as Demonetization by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The voice of Prime Minister should be soothing and reassuring but hearing “Mitro” has turned into terror for the common man.

Distributed by Adamant Pictures and music composed by Neeru Tochi Raina, the movie releases on 9th March 2018.



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