History of Kapoor Family in Bollywood Industry


The oldest history in the Bollywood industry is anyone, then it is the Kapoor family. At present, the fourth generation of this family has got its courage in the film industry, but with the death of Shashi Kapoor at the age of 79, the second generation of this family has ended. Meet the front slides from Prithviraj Kapoor to Ranbir Kapoor this family with every man.

Prithviraj Kapoor, who considered the most important pillar of Indian cinema, started his career with silent films. He contributed as an actor, director, producer, and writer in films. There were three sons of Prithviraj Kapoor and his wife Ramsarani Mehra, Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor.

First of all, let’s talk about his eldest son, Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor married Krishna Kapoor in 1940. They have five children. Randhir Kapoor, Ritu Nanda, Rima Kapoor Jain, Rishi Kapoor and Rajiv Kapoor.

Shammi Kapoor, the second son of Prithviraj Kapoor, first married with Gita Bali on January 27, 1969. Thereby he had a son Aditya Raj Kapoor. After Geeta’s death, Shammi Kapoor married Nila Devi.

Shashi Kapoor was the third and youngest son of Prithviraj Kapoor. Shashi Kapoor married Jennifer Kendall in the year 1958. Shashi and Jennifer have three children: Kunal Kapoor, Karan Kapoor, Sanjana Kapoor.

Raj Kapoor’s son Randhir Kapoor married Babita Kapoor in the year 1971. This couple has two daughters Karishma Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor. First daughter Karishma Kapoor was married to Sanjay Kapoor, whose divorce took place last year. They have two children, daughter Adara Kapoor and son Kiyan Raj Kapoor. Randhir Kapoor’s younger daughter Kareena Kapoor married Saif Ali Khan. He has a son named Taimur Ali Khan.

Raj Kapoor’s daughter, Ritu Kapoor, married Rajan Nanda in 1969. They have two children, one of whom is Nikhil Nanda.

Raj Kapoor’s second daughter is Rima Kapoor Jain. He is married to Manoj Jain. There is no reason for their family with films.

Raj Kapoor’s son Rishi Kapoor married Bollywood actress Neetu Singh in 1980. They have two children. Betty Riddima Kapoor Shahani and Son Ranbir Kapoor Year 2006 Riddima married Bharat Shahani. They have a daughter Samra Shahani. Ranbir is currently shining his career in Bollywood.

Raj Kapoor’s youngest son is Rajiv Kapoor, Rajeev is a known face of Bollywood. Rajiv married Arati Sabharwal in 2001, but in the year 2003, he was divorced.

Let’s talk now of the son of Shammi Kapoor, the second son of Prithviraj Kapoor. Their name is Aditya Raj Kapoor. Bollywood’s familiar face is Aditya Raj Kapoor’s wife, Chaiti Kapoor. They have two children. The name of Shammi Kapoor’s daughter is Kanchan Kapoor Desai. Kanchan is living away from Bollywood with her husband, Manmohan Desai. They have one son Ketan Desai.

This was the family of Shammi Kapoor. Now, finally, the family of Shashi Kapoor, the youngest son of Prithviraj Kapoor, and the eldest son of Jennifer, Kunal Kapoor, married Amitabh Bachchan’s niece Naina Bachchan in the year 2015. After this, Shashi Kapoor’s second son Karan Kapoor, who had married Lorna Kapoor. These are actors and photographers. Shashi Kapoor has a daughter named Sanjana Kapoor. Sanjana was married to Valmik Thapar. They have a child. Sanjana, along with the theater, has also worked in some films.



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