I don’t think Nepotism exists in Bollywood – Kalpana Sharma

I don’t think Nepotism exists in Bollywood – Kalpana Sharma

Back to Dad debutant actress Kalpana Sharma believes that “nepotism” doesn’t exist in Bollywood.

A while ago, Bollywood saw an open battle between filmmaker Karan Johar and Kangana Ranaut over “nepotism” debate, and now ‘Back to Dad’  lead actress Kalpana Sharma shares her thoughts.

Talking about “Nepotism” in Bollywood, Kalpana said, “I don’t think Nepotism exists in Bollywood. See if my mother would have been in Bollywood, I would definitely think about becoming a heroine. A teacher always tries to push his kids towards teaching, so it is a natural process. If you’re talented then you can do anything. I know a lot of celebrities made it big on their own”

Prabhat Kumar directorial “Back To Dad” made headlines recently for its heartwarming narration and brilliant acting. Actress Kalpana Sharma is making her debut with the film and talks about the selection process.

“I didn’t have to struggle too much with this role. Honestly, I got the call while I was sitting at home. I seriously didn’t work hard for it. Fortunately, my face matched the requirement of the role and I got the role.

I was always passionate about acting and this is like dream coming true. This is my first film and like every other debut actor, I am hoping that people like my work, appreciate my acting and I keep getting good work” said Kalpana.

Talking about her role in the upcoming family drama movie, Kalpana said, “The name of the character is Avaya. She is very simple, religious and spiritual kind of girl. Always ready to part with some advice. This role is quite similar to my real life, I am exactly like that”

Though Kalpana Sharma hails from a non-filmy background but loves every young and talented actor and actress lot in Bollywood. She said, “I follow Deepika Padukone. She is tall, talented and just amazing. I like Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor too”

Kalpana Sharma is making her debut with Prabhat Kumar directorial “Back To Dad” but in future would love to work with serious and content-driven filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar.

‘Back to Dad’ features music by Shaan, singer Supriya Pathak, Saurabh Das and Kunaal Ganjawala.

Directed by Prabhat Kumar and produced by Anup Gadal, ‘Back to Dad’ stars, Masoom Singh as the lead and Tikam Sharma as the father.



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