I don’t like ‘clashing’ word says Sunny Leone


Actress Sunny Leone attended LAWMAN Pg3 store launch on Monday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Sunny said that she doesn’t like clashing word when it refers to the clashing of two films.

Sunny Leone’s upcoming film ‘Tera Intezaar’ is clashing with Kapil Sharma’s ‘Firangi’ on 1st December, when asked Sunny about the clash between the two films, she said, “I don’t like this ‘clashing’ word. Each week many films get released and they clash with each other but having said that, I wish Kapil all the best and I hope that this movie does well”

Recently, a notice issued to the producers of the film by Mattel Inc, they have been accused of using the word ‘Barbie’ in the song without the company’s permission. While the chorus line of the Sunny Leone song is, “I am a sexy Barbie Girl,” Mattel has alleged that the song represents their product (Barbie) in a manner which is antagonistic to the values and interests of the customer target base that they cater to. It has also been reported that Mattel has objected to ‘the actress featuring in the song (Sunny Leone), as she is a prominent figure from the adult entertainment industry and such attributes are provocative and inappropriate for younger girls and children, tarnishing and degrading the distinctive quality of the mark that Barbie holds.

However, the courts have ruled out in favor of Tera Intezaar team and have even asked Mettel Inc to not have initiated any action against the film in the first place. On YouTube, the song’s name has been updated to ‘Sexy Baby Girl’, reacting to the issue, film’s producer Aman Mehta said, “A case has been filed in high court and for that, we have been come up with simple solution that we will mute that ‘Sexy Barbie Girl’ word when film will release and I feel we have support of media and the song was released so everyone know the song so I will not affect the film much”

When asked Sunny whether court case will affect the film, she said, “If anyone has launched a case then you have to find a solution for it. As an actor, I don’t get involved with licensing or copyright issues because that’s not my position to be in. If both parties are mutually ready to find solution then they have every right to do that”

There has tremendous buzz around Sunny Leone’s film so when asked her whether half the battle is won when there is so much curiosity among the audience about the film, Sunny said, “If the buzz around the film is positive then it’s great but I feel if your film ticket doesn’t get sale then it doesn’t matter whether the film is getting buzz or no buzz. It’s not about how much buzz, how many hits on YouTube and all these things that we see. I feel it’s about content. If you are offering a good film, good content then any film can do well. It can happen that on the first-day audience might not turn into theatres but in subsequent days there is always possibility that audience can come to watch the film and I think it boils down to that”

When asked Sunny her opinion about films or songs getting banned by CBFC in a democratic country like India where filmmakers don’t have creative freedom to express himself, Sunny said, “I think censor board is in the right position to certify a film. They understand what content is right for audience across all age groups but that is not my area to look into. I am an actress and I want to be creative. If a story or script interests me then I take up that project and at the end of the day, the audience who decides whether they want to see a film or not. As an actor, we just try to express our self and move forward”

‘Tera Intezaar’ also stars Arbaaz Khan, Salil Ankola and Arya Babbar in key roles and it is being directed by Rajeev Walia.



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