Actor Arbaaz Khan involved in IPL betting case

Arbaaz Khan
Actor Arbaaz Khan involved in IPL betting case

Actor Arbaaz Khan involved in IPL betting case. Bollywood producer and actor Arbaaz Khan found guilty in IPL betting scam today. Arbaaz Khan is the brother of famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan. As per the reports, it has been found that the actor was linked with a topmost bookie  Mr. Sonu Jalan. Sonu Jalan is the biggest bookie in India in cricket.

However, the state police have arrested Sonu Jalan. Apart from that, various other celebrities, builders and contractors were found guilty. Among the Bollywood celebrities, Arbaaz Khan was called by the Thane police for questioning.

Pradeep Sharma, a senior police inspector from Thane anti-extortion cell said’ “During the investigation, it was found that Arbaaz was being threatened by Sonu Jalan as he had lost money on one of the matches.”

The police officials also found more than hundreds of bookies’ phone number in Jalan’s diary. Jalan had arranged the match-fixing meeting at Dubai. Arbaaz Khan was also present during the meeting. Police are still on the investigation to find out that which match was fixed.

As per the police officials statement, Mr. Sonu Jalan and Arbaaz Khan were in connection for five years.

Sonu Jalan stated that along with Arbaaz Khan there are several other celebrities and prominent names who were involved in this betting racket. They used to spend huge amounts on players as well as teams. Along with Indian celebrities, a famous politician was also included in the list of the betting racket.

Pradeep Sharma said that Arbaaz Khan paid over three crores rupees to Sonu Jalan. He further said, “Nothing concrete can be said on this as of now. We need to investigate and find the correct evidence and statements of those who are linked with the racket.”

Sonu Jalan was first arrested in IPL betting scam in the year 2008. In that period he was allegedly linked with Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood Ibrahim is a Karachi-based terrorist.

Whereas Pradip Sharma said that Arbaaz Khan spent a huge amount of money in one of the last IPL seasons. After that, there was another huge transaction between him and Sonu Jalan. During that time Sonu Jalan was involved with another big bookie of India named Junior Calcutta. When Arbaaz Khan lost the match, he was being threatened by the bookie for paying crores.

As per the reports, Jalan earned more than 1000 crores in this year IPL. Along with that, his entire betting racket could involve nearly 3500 gambles.

Several bookies were also arrested this year. The police are still under the investigation. There is also a report that the IPL players had underperformed in return for money. The final decision is yet to be announced.



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