Travel to Goa in Private Jet at Just Rs 5000


Flying in Private Jet at just Rs 5000. Suddenly you may not believe this offer. But a private jet aggregation startup bookmycharters of Mumbai has made the reach of this rich man’s reach accessible to ordinary people. The startup has introduced the Ferry Flight Concept. Under this, a client can allow other passengers to travel in empty jets on in-root (on the way on the way). Under Ferry Flight Concept, you can reach your destination in private jet by spending a few thousand rupees.

Ferry flights

Jet-leasing clients in private jet business usually have to pay rent for the parking space in the jetty (from where they have to sit on the jet). Ferry Flight eliminates the cost of two-way payment for clients. In the ferry flight, the client can choose to travel with other passenger options. In this, the other passengers have to pay the rent determined by the client.

Sachitha Wadhwa, co-founder of Bookmycharters, says, “Typically wealthy people travel in private jets, but we have commodified the whole segment by bringing private jets through the ferry flights to the common people.”

How does this concept work

Suppose a client in Mumbai needs a private jet to go to Los Angeles. Private jets are usually parked in Ahmedabad due to lack of parking space at Mumbai Airport. The Ferry Flight Concept works the same way. Instead of taking Mumbai Private Jet away from Ahmedabad, Passengers are offered 80 percent of their seats at discount.

Client can decide on empty seat price

Wadhwa said, “Recently a group of youngsters completed the journey from Kolhapur to Goa in private jet. In this, every seat cost 5,000 rupees. Ferry flights are known as Capital Leg Flights. If a client of Delhi book a charter and Jet’s parking is in Mumbai then it is necessary to pay only to the cost-client from Mumbai to Delhi. “The clients often ask us why they have to hire a private jet from Delhi, why they have to rent from Mumbai to Delhi. To solve this problem, we have come up with the option of Sale Your Empty Flights. Private Jet Clients can save up to 40% of the cost from Ferry Flights. Clients can decide the price of the seat from the price band provided by BookMyCharters. Empty seats are available in the Promotion sections of the website.



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