Kawasaki launches 1000cc engine Bike in India


new Delhi. The touring market of touring bikes in India is also increasing day by day. Another name has been added to the fabulous bikes of FE Harish in India. Kawasaki has launched its strong bike ninja 1000 in India. The Delhi X showroom price of this superbike is 9.98 lakh rupees.
It is a powerful bike in terms of engine and power. Kawasaki has given a 4-cylinder engine of 1043 cc in Ninja 1000 Bike, which generates a maximum of 111 Newton meters with the power of 140 bhp. It is equipped with a 6-speed gearbox. This bike meets standards of BS-4 standard emission.
The Ninja 1000 has a 6 Bosch IMU with Traction Control, Corning Management System, Wheeler Control and ABS. The new ninja also offers three different drive modes. This bike has been worked hard on the design, the new Ninja 1000 sport has a low and high beam characteristic with each unit, with sharp and dual LED headlights, as well as a LED position lamp.



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