Electric Vehicle: The Future Of Transportation


Electricity is the future of mobility and transport for humankind. The launch of the Electrical vehicle is creating next revolution in the transportation industry, which is one of the biggest polluting industry in the world. We cannot imagine our life without transportation, and fuel based transportation exist in major part of the world. People everyday commute to the office using some form of transportation.

Many International brands have already captured the electric vehicle market, which is still quite small yet powerful compared to fuel based vehicles. Tesla made headlines when it launched its first electric sports car. And, it continued the success with a range of other electric cars such as Model X. EV(Electric Vehicle) market has caught the attention of the biggest of the automakers of the world. Nissan, Suzuki, Honda, and everyone who believes in the future of electric mobility.

They want to be part of this growing niche in the transportation world. Recently, Tesla launched its range of  Electric truck, and prebooking has been started while the production starts in 2019. Pepsico made headlines by placing the largest order of 100 Tesla Trucks. Many other international brands have shown a positive response to the Tesla Trucks.

Electric Cars For India

Mahindra & Mahindra is one of the most reputed vehicle brands in India, which has some of the longest running products like The Scorpio, and The Bolero. These models are still on the road.There are a limited number of Indian car companies who are interested in the research and development to improve efficiency.

Mahindra & Mahindra is famous for their range of vehicles in the Indian market. Also, it is an only Indian brand offering electric cars. Mahindra launched its electric vehicle in 2013 named e20. Priced around 8 lakh, it was one of the first Indian electric cars. They are launched under the Mahindra Electric division. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra. It is based in Bengaluru and involved in design and manufacturing of electric vehicles.

They are planning to launch two more cars in India by 2019 in electric vehicle category. Their latest acquisition of auto brand SsangYong will also play a key role in increasing their market share in EV category.

Another Indian Brand, Tata is making its way into the EV category. Their First electric car  Tigor, which won the bid of supplying 10,000 electric cars under the e-procurement scheme from EESL. Tata supplied the first batch of 100 cars from its Gujarat plant. The Tigor will be launched for public or not remains to be seen. They are developing another electric car named ‘neo’ which will be produced by jayem automotive.


Every major automaker has jumped on the electric bandwagon and launched their respective cars in the EV category. The future of EV looks promising and bright as evident from the current trends in the auto sector. The renewable energy sources are the key to a healthy ecosystem on the planet earth, and Transportation sector can play a huge role towards this shared dream.Time has come to accept the true reality of the environment and act accordingly.



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